CyberSecurity – Expectations Vs Reality


Constant training to employees about the cybersecurity and raising awareness sometimes becomes very hard. it’s really ineffective, but the biggest part is that information technology has very unrealistic Expectations for cybersecurity. So many different techniques IT can resonate but not the audience. As a result, there is a big disconnection between the priorities and the security members and sure the rest of the company.

To consider cybersecurity in the right direction it is necessary to know the history and the future strategies that are meant for cybersecurity. There is no doubt to say that there is advancement in cybersecurity technology. cybersecurity is evaluating new tools and several techniques to meet several challenges that are being posted for the latest cybersecurity threats.

There is a point to think that how the tactics of attack would grow itself and what are the technologies that are contributing the role to boost the future in the cybersecurity world for the betterment of cybersecurity. Let me tell you some of the expectations and predictions that as actually turned out so many truths about cybersecurity.

Phishing Is a Cybersecurity Threat and Increases in Attacks

The expectation was that there would be an increase in cyberattacks. In reality, the top threat of cybersecurity was phishing. The data was recorded by the Data Breach Investigation Report known as (DBIR) it was told that around 32% of all the breaches and 78% of the cyber-espionage incidents happened by the phishing attacks.

In the past year, the phishing landscape has spread widely, with several email phishing. In that case, the organization can never think to go smoothly on increasing the awareness of the security in all the departments and most importantly about the phishing attacks.

Automation Security and Machine Learning

Cybersecurity expectations developing the minds of employees that machine learning will have a positive effect on the security efforts of cybersecurity. The reality was totally opposing the statement. through the security animation, the machine manages to make its own way into it.  The security animation has gained the maximum foothold in the cybersecurity industry that can address the operational challenges as well. 

A 2019 pokemon survey estimates that around 30% of the cybersecurity is using the automation tools. Around 50% are still planing that they can move it to the automation platforms in the coming years. The positive thing about the automation tools is that these tools help to analyze data from several different sources. It checks the unusual activities. This tool tracks the organization’s data and helps to keep the software updates. 

Increase in IoT Attacks and Cybercriminals 

It was expected that a vector attack will expend by cybercriminals. but that is not the reality, there is an increase in attacks through the IoT devices in organizations and in-home. Just in common the mobile phones have become a dominant channel to attack.   

On a click to perform the professional and personal activities this convinces the attackers to find manifold ways to exploit a person’s mobile phone. Symantec has exposed around 28 mobile android applications and that was acting abnormally and maliciously. 

Data Privacy vs Data Protection Opportunities

There was an expectation that Europes GDPR will be able to create data protection opportunities. But in fact in 2018 after when the European Union has rolled its General data protection regulations for privacy concerns. The organization just started to comply with the data privacy-related standard and its laws. This regulation led the cybersecurity companies to become more active in the privacy and security incidents.

AI in Cybersecurity

NNS labs used for cyber threats that are based on millions of real security products testing. This uses the live victim’s machine. The use of the NNS especially for cybersecurity is widely used. Al is improving the security of an organization the market for Al cybersecurity is value ar Dollar 8.8 billion and the expected gain by 2026 is Dollar 38 billion.

The ML system i.e machine learning provides many benefits to prevent cyber threats. Now it becomes difficult for the anomalous traffic for human operators. Mostly the systems rely on the NNS more than the intelligent Als. 

The unusual network activities can track by the machine learning cybersecurity. Austin SEO can help to spot the early imminent network attack. The website security system tends to scan the activity on the web and can detect the bots. Bots are being used for several attacks. but bots are not capable to respond directly to the malicious attacks.

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